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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

jaymall truth be told promotional hip hop mixtape

01 - Jaymall - Truth Be Told
02 - Jaymall Feat Mott - Movin On
03 - Jaymall Feat Denali - For The Luv
04 - Jaymall Feat Clean - Cool Off
05 - Jaymall Feat Dero Mz Nikki - Hate Youno Luv
06 - Jaymall Feat Dero - You Hear Me
07 - Jaymall Feat One Payne - In The Wind
08 - Jaymall Feat Ms Diamond - Take Me Away
09 - Jaymall Feat Stunna Mane Lil Rusty Drake - I D
10 - Jaymall Feat Kelz - I Got You
11 - Jaymall Feat Erin Dashae -Thinkin Of You
12 - Jaymall - Feelin Real Good
13 - Jaymall Feat Mz Mack Mz Tasti - Pop That Pu--Y
14 - Jaymall Feat Stunna Mane - My Jumper On Too Hot
15 - Jaymall - Seventeen Months Dont Let Em Down

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Beyond Hip hop quick review:
This guy has some interesting lyrics, and speaks some philosophy, he is pretty good, and looks like a mix between ja-rule and jay-z had everything butsekz and created this guy.. his music is kinda underground and dirty sound, and unorignialy alot like T.I.P. but hey, ya know, thats what people think sounds good so. if u like young TI this is what this dude sounds like but with less of a silver tongue, kinda like a copper tongue.
DOWNLOAD this promotional mixtape here SUCKAS


  1. Downloadan now! Thanks! Always looking for new music to listen to.

  2. great mixtapes. thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the link, will give it a listen.

  4. I love getting new music from other people online. It's all so new and unexposed!

  5. Thanks for the tracks il listen to them and get back to you

  6. Not really my sorta thing, downloading mix tape anyway. I might as well give it a go.

  7. Downloading! In an attempt to broaden my musical horizons - I don't listen to enough hip hop.

  8. Jay-Z has got to be the greatest rapper ever. If this guy is anything like him, he will go far. Can't wait to hear him.

  9. downloading - might take it for a run

  10. Downloading! Thanks for the tunes!

    Following and supporting!

    Garage Zoku

  11. Ja Rule and Jay-Z are two of my favorites! I'm going to download this one now, can't wait to hear more of your suggestions man.

  12. I looked up the first half. They're pretty good

  13. tks for the post man, downloading it right now.

    waiting for more posts!

  14. Cheers for spreading the free music love.

  15. Thanks for the link, will give it a listen.
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